Reviewing your credit situation is worthwhile, whether you are sure you know who your creditors are and how much you owe, or are in the dark due to older debts that may have been sold or transferred. The information that credit bureaus and other companies have about you may simply be incorrect. You may have debts listed in your reports that you are unaware that you owe. The below sites are free to use to your advantage: – The actual free site for obtaining your Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion credit reports. Don’t be fooled by sites with similar names. Normally you can obtain each report once a year (best practice is to space them out so you receive a different company’s report every four months), but due to COVID-19 you can receive each report once a week through April 2021.

ChexSystems report – This report contains information relating to banking. If you have been rejected when trying to open a bank account, you should review this report to see why.

LexisNexis report – This report is similar to the reports from the three major credit bureaus, but also contains information used by insurers. An inaccuracy in this report could be costly.

These reports usually contain the procedure for requesting a correction. If you have reviewed your credit information and need to seek debt relief, contact me to discuss your situation.

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