The decision to consider filing for bankruptcy can be a difficult one. But bankruptcy can eliminate your liability for most types of debt, while allowing you to keep a significant portion or all of your assets.

If you are facing any of the below situations, you should explore whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will be beneficial for you:

  • You are unable to pay monthly bills as they come due
  • You are receiving harassing creditor calls and letters
  • A creditor has filed a lawsuit against you
  • Your home is threatened with foreclosure
  • Your wages are being garnished
  • You feel overwhelmed with debt

If you are considering bankruptcy, avoid making any significant financial decisions before you talk to an attorney. Specifically:

  • Do not give anything away or transfer anything out of your name (e.g. sign over title to a vehicle or deed to real property)
  • Do not sell anything for less than full market value (better yet, do not sell anything at all)
  • Stop repaying on loans you may owe to family or friends
  • Avoid withdrawing funds from a 401(k) or IRA account
  • Do not continue using credit cards or take cash advances

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